Elevate your beauty routine.

Pamper yourself with products that relax, rejuvenate and restore.

We incorporate the elements of mindfulness, aromatherapy and sustainability in all our products. With each product, we also engage one or more of the senses of sound, sight, smell and touch to deliver a fully immersive beauty experience.

Indulge in pure botanical luxury to unveil glowing skin, while finding the moments of peace that you seek, and are so deserving of right now.

Our Products & Rituals

Zen + Ether offers sustainable, botanical beauty & wellness products to help you create the perfect at-home spa day. Each of our products is accompanied by a ritual and includes complimentary, relaxing audio to elevate your beauty routine. Explore our collection of products & rituals to cultivate inner peace while bringing out your most radiant skin ever.

Exepect more from your beauty products

Your beauty ritual is your sacred moment of self-care. So it's only fitting that your beauty products fulfill those sacred needs, going way beyond a tactile experience to stimulate all your senses.

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We are an eco-luxe beauty & wellness brand empowering women to create moments of relaxation in their everyday routines. Harnessing the power of aromatherapy, we create mindful, multi-sensory products that elevate your daily routines into perfect at-home spa moments.



We believe that beauty & relaxation are intertwined and both can be achieved simultaneously, even with a busy schedule. An inner state of balance and calm is just as important in your beauty routine as the products you apply to your skin. We sought out the best selection of botanicals and the most luxurious therapeutic blends, to create products that make you feel beautiful, and whole, from the inside out.

What our customers have to say

"I love this brand. It feels like I'm having a spa day every morning. My face always feels so fresh. Morning and night!"-LaShawn

Choose Your Ritual

Transform your everyday beauty & self-care routine into a relaxing ritual.

The Ritual of Cleansing

Remove impurities for fresh, new beginnings


The Ritual of Deep Purification

Go deeper within to reveal your inner glow.

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The Ritual of Hydration

Replace what is lost for balance and harmony.

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The Ritual of Gratitude

Express what you are thankful for, to bring forth your happiest self.

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The Ritual of Self-Expression & Discovery

Explore your innermost thoughts and connect with your inner being.

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The Ritual of Aromatherapy

Delight in the power of essential oils and plants to promote beauty and wellbeing.

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Beauty affirmations to remind you how worthy you are.

-You deserve a spa day everyday.

-You deserve moments of relaxation in your everyday life.

-You deserve the best ingredients to meet your skincare needs.

-You deserve beauty that cares about how you feel just as much as how your skin looks.

Quiz: Find your relaxing beauty ritual

Not all beauty rituals are created equal. Elevated beauty rituals like spa facials or taking long baths provide you with an added element of relaxation that other beauty routines cannot fulfill. Take our 7-question quiz to discover the relaxing beauty routine that is ideal for you.

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Self-Care Horoscopes

Align your self-care needs with the stars. Discover your most ideal self-care rituals each month according to your Sun sign. Written by professional astrologists.

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