5 Tips For Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Wedding season is fast approaching and many brides-to-be are likely stressed and ready to throw in the towel on the whole wedding planning process. Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things a person goes through in life, for more reasons than one. If you are planning a wedding and starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, here are some steps that you can take to make the process more enjoyable and stress-free.

  1. Re-evaluate your needs

Weddings are a big celebration for both the couple and the families involved so it’s only natural that you want to make this day special. It’s easy to get carried away with the list of things that you want for your wedding. With so many options out there, you may find yourself wanting all the bells and whistles to make this day a memorable event for your guests. However, the added frills can sometimes lead to unnecessary stress. Do you really need that ice sculpture? While it may be a nice piece to impress your guests, the cost and coordination to get these kinds of items can be more stress than it's worth. As you go through each step of the planning process, make a list of needs and wants and focus on the things you really need. If you have enough time after taking care of needs, then you can throw in a few wants. Check in on that list often. Especially when you start to feel overwhelmed. You may find out that you’re venturing into “want” territory and then be able to shed an activity or task to lower your stress level.

  1. Hire help

Planning a wedding on your own is no small feat, especially if you’re having a lot of guests. If you’re starting to feel close to burnout, get some help! Hire a wedding planner. It may not be easy to find an available wedding planner when you’re so close to the wedding date, but it will be super helpful if you can find someone to help you finish up the final details. Not only will they lighten your load, but they can use their industry contacts to get you opportunities that you may not have had access to on your own. If you are unable to hire a wedding planner, hire a temporary assistant to help with tasks. Even a virtual assistant would be helpful as he/she can coordinate things like phone calls with vendors, organize your schedule for fittings and even follow up with wedding-related emails which can take up a lot of your time.

  1. Just say no.

Another source of added stress during wedding planning is special requests from family members.  Mom wants to invite her work friends last minute, Dad insists on adding some bizarre family dance he made up to the ceremony, Aunt Mary doesn’t want to sit next to Cousin Harry, you get the drift.  Tensions run high and everyone thinks that they should have some say in what you include in your wedding.  As difficult as this might be, just say no.  Be very clear with your loved ones that this day is about you and your future spouse and outline the decisions that you both have made as a couple.  You can communicate to your loved ones that while you appreciate them wanting to provide input on the day, you want the day to reflect you and your partner’s love for each other. No is a very difficult word to say to loved ones but for your own sanity it is worth it to say no in situations like these.

  1. Delegate, delegate, delegate.

If you have any requests from family or friends and you aren’t opposed to implementing them, delegate those tasks to the people who made the request.  So, if Dad really insists on adding that family dance to the ceremony, put him in charge of coordinating this segment.  That allows you to be hands-off the entire process and frees you up to focus on other important things.  Remember “needs” not “wants”. It gives you more time to relax and actually enjoy the process.  Here’s a little secret.  Delegating tasks can also be a good way to make requests go away entirely.  Most people are good at making requests but when tasked with completing the request, they quickly change their mind when they realize how time consuming it will be.

  1. Take some "me" time.

In the midst of all the planning, find some moments to just relax and recharge.  Go on a spa date, take long walks in the park or go to the movies.  Do anything you can to get in some "me" time.  It may seem like a crazy idea to recommend rest and relaxation when you are working on a deadline but here’s the thing.  You ultimately want to look great on your wedding day.  Stress and tiredness can show on your skin and we certainly do not want that. Think of relaxation time as part of your beautification goal for the wedding day. Make sure its on the “need” side of your list and implement it often. If you’re looking for ways to relax and achieve that well rested look, check out our selection of products and visit our Resources page for more relaxation tips and techniques. 

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