5 Ways to Make Your Self-Care Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Practicing consistent self-care is a fundamental part of living a happy, healthy life. On the other hand, some aspects of self-care can promote habits that can threaten sensitive ecosystems or undermine energy conservation initiatives. Going forward, sustainable self-care will become essential as individuals, communities, and entire countries find ways to work together on building a more environmentally-conscious future. Read on to learn more about 5 simple ways to make your self-care more eco-friendly & sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Beauty and Self-Care Products

1. Find Self-Care Products in Eco-Friendly Packaging

When buying products that support self-care, focus on brands that use biodegradable packaging instead of harmful plastics. In addition, look for companies that recycle paper, cardboard, or wood for shipping materials instead of using bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Plastics or Styrofoam can take centuries to decompose, and in many cases, these materials end up in oceans around the world where they can cause serious damage to marine life.

2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint by Shopping Online

The carbon emissions created by automobiles are a leading contributor to global climate change. Before you drive to a nearby retailer for self-care supplies, consider searching online for the products instead. Shopping online will minimize your carbon footprint over the long term and can even help you save money on fuel in the process.

3. Support Businesses that Donate to Environmental Charities

Some of the most trusted eco-friendly companies on the market today will donate a portion of their profits to select charities around the world. When browsing for self-care products, try to find brands that support environmental initiatives which can help make the world a better place. For example, some companies will pledge to plant a certain number of trees per item sold while others will allow customers to choose which charity they’d like their purchase to support.

Woman holding eco-friendly soap in hands

4. Find Organic Alternatives to Everyday Essentials

The best eco-friendly self-care products available today often contain no harmful chemicals or compounds that can negatively affect the environment. Always check the label of items before you buy and try to stick to 100% organic or all-natural products produced by trusted companies in the United States. Nowadays, it’s possible to find organic versions of many self-care necessities such as toothpaste, lip balm, face wash, or shampoo.

5. Explore Mental and Spiritual Self-Care like Yoga or Meditation

Aside from maintaining outward appearances and physical health, psychological or spiritual well-being are equally important to self-care. With techniques like yoga or meditation, you can fortify your mind and body in a way that doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. If you need to buy yoga pants or a yoga mat, just be sure to search online for products made using sustainable manufacturing processes and materials.

By following these tips, it’s easy to create a self-care routine that doesn’t cause harm to the environment. At Zen + Ether, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality botanical products made from organic and plant-based ingredients. We also only use sustainable materials for our packaging like bamboo or plantable paper, ensuring that your self-care helps to build a better future for all.

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