What are Powder Face Masks?

Powder Face Masks are all the rage in beauty right now. Unlike conventional face masks that are liquid or creamy, powdered face masks have a powdery texture and are made with powder components.  They may still contain essential oils, but these oils are usually well mixed into the powder so as not to create a sticky or liquid-like end result.


Zen + Ether Purifying Nutmeg Powder Face Mask


Face masks are used to give the skin a deep clean. While face masks are highly recommended for oily and acne-prone skin, each skin type should be using a face mask at least once a week.  This is because your everyday cleanser may not remove all the impurities that’s deep within your skin. While your cleanser may be pretty decent at removing excess dirt, oil and other environmental toxins from the surface of the skin, they aren’t always effective at targeting stuff way below the surface.  Most breakouts start from pores that are clogged with oil and dirt so using a face mask as part of your beauty regimen is a good preventative measure.

Woman using powder face mask

 Black woman using powder face mask

Most powder masks are made with some form of clay base. Different clay types include bentonite clay, Fuller’s Earth Clay, French green Clay and Moroccan Red Clay.  Other powder masks are made with a charcoal or mud base. Clays are excellent at drawing out impurities in the skin which is why they are such a popular component in powder masks.  The science behind how clay works is that they are able bind to molecules or ions of dirt and oil in the skin allowing them to be easily removed when the mask is rinsed off.

Powder Clay Mask

In Zen + Ether’s Purifying Nutmeg Powder Facial Mask, our main ingredient is Fuller’s Earth Clay.  Fuller’s Earth Clay is a type of naturally forming clay soil found in the earth that has been formed by sedimentary deposits.  It is therefore known as a sedimentary clay.  The name Fuller was attached to the name hundreds of years ago when textile workers called “Fullers” used this clay to create a mixture that could easily soak up heavy oils from sheep’s wool. This clay is the top choice for oily skin because of its exceptional ability to draw oil from the skin.  It is so good at soaking up oil that it has even been used as a solvent to soak up automotive oil spills.  When compared with other types of clays, Fuller’s Earth Clay has outperformed every other type of clay in soaking up oils on the skin.  It even rivals other types of powders and materials that are used to clean oily skin.

Fuller's Earth Clay Mask

Powder face masks have a new cult following and it’s for good reason.  People like them because they are waterless, giving them longer shelf lives.  Also, they allow for customization by adding any other ingredients that you may like.  Our Purifying Nutmeg Facial Mask contains nutmeg and several other herbs and extracts such as chia seed, ashwagandha powder and jojoba, making it a very powerful face mask for giving your skin a deep clean.  Our face mask has been featured in Glamour UK and British Vogue and has gotten rave reviews from our customers.  It has even been nominated for a Pure Beauty Award 2019 in the Best Face Mask Category.  You can purchase our face mask here or on our website at https://zenandether.com/


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