What is Mindful Beauty?

Mindful beauty is the integration of wellness practices in our everyday beauty routines, in a way that promotes rest and relaxation. It is a holistic approach to beauty that involves taking care of the body, mind and soul collectively. Mindful beauty blends one or a combination of mindful practices with traditional forms of beauty. Some of these mindful practices are aromatherapy, meditation, holistic therapies and crystal healing. Mindful beauty also involves the way a product is applied or used.

Crystal Healing Rituals are a form of mindful beauty practices.

Where did mindful beauty come from?

Mindful beauty emerged from the recognition that beauty involves your mental and spiritual wellbeing as much as your physical wellbeing. While this may be new to many, the art of mindfulness in beauty has existed for a long time. Ancient beauty rituals such as Egyptian sea salt therapy, Roman bathing rituals, Ayurveda, and the practice of Gua Sha are rooted in mindfulness. Even as recent as two generations ago, women practiced some form of mindful beauty. The lack of cosmetic innovation at that time forced them to take a more intentional approach to beauty. Before cosmetic labs and beauty counters became a common thing, women experimented with making cosmetics in their kitchens. They were more involved in learning about herbs and extracts that improved their skin, body and mind. This knowledge was valued and passed down through generations.

The use of Gua Sha tools is an ancient Chinese beauty rituals rooted in mindfulness.

The culture shift of women’s roles in society is what ultimately popularized fast-paced, convenient beauty which, incidentally, excluded the aspect of mindfulness. What we now know as modern forms of beauty were born, in part, as a result of how our everyday lives changed. With our lives becoming busier over time, the beauty industry adapted by providing quick, easy solutions to support this demanding lifestyle. Until now, those beauty solutions did not include mindfulness as part of the process. Mindfulness and beauty were considered two separate things and were approached in separate ways. In addition, modern day beauty has been solely about embellishing the outer appearance and correcting “flaws” deemed as unflattering.  Mindful beauty, on the other hand, encourages taking care of the inner being as part of enhancing your external, natural beauty.

Mindful beauty focuses on taking care of the inner being as part of enhancing your external beauty.

The allure of mindful beauty

Over-saturation and stressors can make it difficult for us to include mindfulness in our lives. As women search for ways to escape the feeling of exhaustion that accompanies the daily grind, the idea of mindful beauty is becoming more appealing. Many women who want to include mindfulness in their lives either do not have the time to commit to a full mindfulness practice or simply do not know how to include it in their lives. Many even see it as daunting to add it to their already long list of things to do. By adding elements like mini-meditations, rituals, or aromatherapy to your daily beauty routine, it makes the practice of mindfulness more achievable and the beauty experience more uplifting.

Adding elements like aromatherapy to your daily beauty routine, makes the practice of mindfulness more achievable.

The importance of mindfulness in beauty

Physical and mental well-being are both important parts of the beauty equation. None is more important than the other. They all play a role in how we perceive ourselves and how we feel. Mindful beauty gives women a chance to remedy the negative effects of living a busy, modern lifestyle. Some of the impacts of this lifestyle include stress, lack of relaxation, sleep deprivation, extended exposure to light from devices and increased pollutant exposure from urbanization.  These all affect our physical beauty in the form of pre-mature aging and inflammatory skin conditions. As we are living in a world where we are subjected to more negative stimuli on a daily basis, it is even more important that we find ways to unplug and re-establish inner balance.

Blue lights from smartphones and pollution in large cities lead to pre-mature aging and inflammatory skin conditions.

The Environment and Mindful Beauty

Mindful beauty is not just about being connected to yourself, it is also about being conscious and aware of what is going on around us and taking steps to create a harmonious world. If the world is in chaos, this also affects how we achieve beauty and relaxation. A world where the environment is struggling, means that there are fewer natural ways for us to enjoy mindfulness. It also means that the environment is working against our beauty efforts rather than for it. For this reason, a large part of mindful beauty involves the ethics of how a product is made, what is in it and how it impacts the people and the Earth.  Mindful beauty products are more sustainable and eco-friendlier and are produced in a way that is more conducive to Earth preservation. They are also produced in ways that are mindful of impacts to communities and people.

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