Zen + Ether joins Dough, the new Wallet Feminist Platform

Women influence 80% of consumer spending yet women represent only 4% of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies.  Women-owned businesses also receive less than 3% of venture capital.  The number is even more disheartening for businesses owned by Latina and African-American women.  Dough, a platform dedicated to helping women-owned businesses thrive decided to change that. 

By exclusively supporting women-owned businesses, the platform aims to bridge the gap between consumer spending by women and the businesses that suffer the most.  The founders at Dough call themselves Wallet Feminists because they strive to make an economic impact by supporting only women-owned businesses and they encourage other women to do the same. It's basically putting your money where your mouth is.

Shop Women Owned

Image Credit: Dough


Dough works by offering membership plans where its members can buy products from their favorite women-owned businesses.  They do not take a percentage from any of these businesses. They only ask that each business offers something special to their customers, be it a percentage discount promotion, an exclusive item or service or whatever else each business owner sees fit.

Zen + Ether is proud to be a member of this platform supporting other women-owned business. As a Black-owned, woman-owned company, we understand the hurdles that many minority businesses face.  It gets even more difficult in the beauty space where many indie businesses struggle to compete with big corporations.  We are happy to be part of Dough, making an impact on creating equality for women-owned businesses.  To see our feature on Dough, click here.

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