Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Zen + Ether is an integrative beauty brand that combines beauty and wellness for overall well-being. We believe that beauty is more than skin deep and that total beauty involves the mind, body and soul. At the center of our brand is relaxation, an important part of beauty and wellness that is often elusive for a lot of people.


Let’s face it, life isn’t always simple. Sometimes it is chaotic and turbulent and even on a good day, we all could use some relaxation.  Lack of rest and relaxation can manifest itself as premature aging, puffy eyes and dull skin. Tiredness, the opposite of relaxation, also affects our mental well-being leaving us unable to think clearly and navigate everyday tasks efficiently. Relaxation is important to help you find peace and calm, to help you maintain and restore balance in your life and help you connect better with yourself and others. Sadly, we either face the challenge of not finding enough time to relax or simply not knowing how to relax.

How Tiredness affects the skin


Our products are created to appeal to your senses while beautifying your skin and body. Aromatherapy is incorporated into our products to provide you with a feeling of complete Zen. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic benefit. When essential oils are inhaled, the scent travels from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain, impacting the emotional center of the brain.

Use Aromatherapy to Relax

Along with our product ingredients, we offer additional ways to help you relax.  We provide special meditation beauty rituals with our products to help you find calmness while using them. We have a relaxation beauty group called The Relaxation Society that provides additional tools for relaxation. We also have a dedicated page on our website to help you find relaxing beauty events near you. For more details, check out our Relaxation Tools and Tips page.


Aspects of a beauty routine such as washing your face or applying moisturizer are things that we do every day. They are also very personal activities that allow us to connect with ourselves. What perfect opportunity to incorporate mindful relaxation than with something that already involves us connecting with ourselves?  For those who are time-deprived, adding relaxation to a process that is already a normal part of your life is a great way to find moments of Zen each day. Grooming yourself is already a confidence booster, but mindfully self-grooming gives you that extra confidence to tackle anything that your day brings.

Woman Feeling Calm and Relaxed