Complimentary Relaxing Audio with Every Product

When we say we transform your everyday routines into relaxing rituals, we aren’t just using a fancy play on words. We mean every bit of it, which is why all of our products are accompanied by relaxing audio. Whether a complete meditation ritual that helps you get the most out of using our products, or a soothing sound to help you stay calm, we provide a fully immersive self-care experience for you to enjoy.

Our products are also multi-sensory (designed to appeal to more than one sense) to help bring balance to both your inner being and your outer self. We are proud disruptors of the conventional beauty space fusing wellness and beauty in a mindful way that other beauty brands have yet to explore.

Read more about our multi-sensory beauty and wellness products here. 


1. How is my relaxing audio delivered?

You have immediate access to your audio after purchase via the email you provide at checkout. The email will contain a file with access instructions. If you lose your email, don’t worry. Each product includes a scannable QR code on or with the packaging that takes you directly to your audio.

2. Where can I access all the relaxation audio that comes with my purchases?

You can access your relaxing audio by scanning the QR code on your packaging. All of your relaxation audio can be accessed from your account dashboard when you log in.

3. Do I need special software to access the relaxing audio content?

No, you do not need any special software to access your relaxing audio. 



*Monthly horoscopes do not include audio at this time.