JULY 2022


Motivated by an important goal, you are set to start the month of July with lots of drive, momentum, and hard work. Your goal will seem frustratingly elusive at times, and at other times it will seem so close you can almost taste your success. Don’t get so caught up in marking your progress that you forget to enjoy the journey. Be sure to balance all that activity with plenty of rest. A focus on nutrition will be especially critical to fuel both your brain and your body during this time of high energy output.

You have been working hard, Aries, and you are understandably tired. You are so close to wrapping up whatever it is you’re working toward, even though it may not look like it yet.
The temptation is to...



July will be a month of surprise visits, little windfalls, startling beauty, and unexpected pleasures for you, Taurus. Keep an open mind, an open heart, and keep your eyes wide open so you don’t miss any of the goodness that the Universe is sending your way. Gratitude and anticipation are the two states of mind that will carry you through this month.

A burst of sensual energy will greet you early in the month. You may direct it wherever you wish – romance, creature comforts, pampering yourself with new beauty products.

Sensuality is all about living your physical life to the fullest. Take deep pleasure in all the good things that you can feel, taste, smell, and otherwise experience in your body. Like the amazing poet, Mary Oliver wrote, “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”
You may be inspired to...

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You’ve had a busy couple of weeks, Gemini. You’ve been dabbling in new experiences and taking in new ideas that stimulate your active mind. All of that dizzying activity is set to slow down around the 5th of July. Mystified and maybe a little confused, you may begin to wonder what the excitement was all about. Was there more to it than just a passing fun time?

Something new and disruptive has been going on in your life, and your burning question is whether to allow it to stay. If you’ve started a new dating relationship, you may be wondering whether it has the potential to get serious. Or maybe you’ve just visited a friend who moved to a new city, and you’re pondering whether it would be good for you to make the leap and move there too. Or perhaps, you’re thinking of...

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There are some exciting new opportunities coming up for you, Cancer. And if you are ready to work hard and make good things happen, the Universe is more than willing to meet you halfway. The result could look like a fulfilling work opportunity and/or a significant in increase in your income, so you really don’t want to miss out. How can you make sure you will be ready to accept the bounty that the Universe is offering?

It will help to start each day refreshed and full of positive energy. Your morning routine is always important, and it’s going to be especially important this month. Eat a light but nourishing breakfast that gives you ample energy. You might even want to...

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You are going to have to speak directly from your heart in order
to be heard by someone who hasn’t been getting a message you’ve been trying to send them. This is not the time to draw lines in the sand. Offer your perspective as clearly and honestly as you can and assure this person that you are not trying to manipulate them. Express your feelings as well as your intentions, maybe even daring to get a little bit vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to let this person see the real you. This may be awkward and difficult, but it will be worth the effort as it’s likely to...

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You don’t seem like your usual shy self this month, Virgo. You’re a little more festive and fiery these days, care-free and boldly flirtatious - more like your neighboring sign Leo. You feel like a load has been lifted from your shoulders, and you’re throwing caution to the wind to embrace it.

If you’re not feeling any of that yet, just wait. It’s coming. You have the opportunity this month to liberate yourself from burdens that have been weighing on you for a while now. What responsibilities are you carrying that don’t need to be yours? What regrets have you been holding on to? What past mistakes is it time you forgave yourself for? All you have to do is...

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This is it, Libra! You are on the verge of achieving satisfying clarity. Storms have passed and your future is looking bright – or at least stable.

The security that comes with knowing where you stand, who you can count on, and what steps you need to take is priceless. You may finally be debt-free after years of hard work or achieving a savings goal that gives you peace of mind. Some of you may be taking a romantic relationship to the next level. Others may be sealing a lucrative contract with a long-term client if you’re an entrepreneur or getting a promotion at work that gives you more job security!

The Universe isn’t necessarily going to hand all this to you on a silver platter, but you aren’t going to have to break down any doors to get to it either. You may have to...

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Change is coming, Scorpio. Whether you welcome this change or dread it, a major part of your life is about to undergo a significant transformation. This will likely start very early in the month, coming to your attention not too long after Mars squares off with Pluto on July 2nd. Much of what happens around you will be outside of your control, and that can be a scary feeling. The best way to respond to events that you can’t control will be to keep a calm, positive mindset and look for creative ways to adapt. Your mantra through all the chaos: “I may not be able to control what’s happening around me, but I can control how I respond”. This is your self-care theme throughout the month.

It's natural to want to...

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As you head into July, Sagittarius, you might want to reevaluate a self-care activity that in the past you regarded as a waste of time. You’ve been feeling under pressure to make every minute count, and you haven’t had much time to spare for relaxation, socializing, and “me time.” Now is a good time to start gently pushing back against feeling that you need to quantify the results of everything you do, because an important part of your life is undernourished, and the lack of balance has the potential to undermine your success in subtle ways.

It's great to be...

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This July is going to be a productive month for you, Capricorn. It will be an excellent time to start new daily routines that will help move you toward your goals for a healthier and happier you. Your pragmatic approach to solving problems and getting things done will be heightened by your clear thinking, as well as by your special ability to calm turbulent emotions. If you’re open to creative solutions, you are likely to find effective new strategies to create balance between your home life and your career.

You’ve had a lot on your plate lately, but things are about to change. When the Sun exits Cancer and enters Leo on the 22nd, you will be ready to blow off some steam! Late July is the time of year when serious and self-contained Capricorns tend to be the most charismatic, energetic, courageous, and even playful. You will find that when you...

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You have the ability to change what’s possible for you in the future, dear Aquarius. A door that was slammed shut years ago is only closed temporarily, and your destiny still lies behind it. No one is going to open it for you though, but you do have the key. You just need to find it.
Opening this door involves some inner self-care work, deep introspection, and will lead to some serious responsibilities as well as tremendous possibilities. It will likely involve a heart-to-heart conversation with someone from your past. You will need to prove to this person that you have learned from mistakes you made earlier.

Your way forward this month is...

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Throughout this month, Pisces, your self-care will have an unexpected and unconventional theme - compassion. A deeper understanding of the world and your place in it will motivate you to seek out ways to lend support to a particular cause or charity that is close to your heart. Since your heart is in the right place, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish when you follow your passion. Don’t hesitate to take action based on what you know to be true.

While you are not in a position to fix the entire world, you do have a healing touch that you can use to make a significant impact on the lives of the people around you, so don’t underestimate your potential. Don’t let...

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