Our Sustainable Commitment

At Zen + Ether we are committed to being a sustainable beauty brand. The beauty industry contributes a lot of waste to the Earth, particularly in the form of plastic. It is estimated that the beauty industry makes 120 billion units of packaging each year, most of which is plastic that ends up in the ocean. The industry also contributes to a loss of 18 million acres of forest annually. We take steps to reduce waste and sustain the Earth by: ⠀

  1. Using only glass bottles and jars. ⠀
  2. Using bamboo components in most of our containers to reduce plastic. ⠀
  3. Using only material that is recyclable. ⠀
  4. Using plantable packaging which is a zero-waste product. When planted, our packaging also helps endangered butterfly and bee populations thrive by producing wildflowers. ⠀
  5. Using packaging made of recycled cotton and sustainable abaca fibers. ⠀
  6. Using wildcrafted and organic ingredients.
  7. Using paper filler in our shipment boxes and keeping our shipments free of unnecessary material.