Preserving Our Natural Sources of Relaxation

As a beauty brand, we want to have a real impact on change, not just for your skin but for the world around us.  Zen + Ether is more than just a beauty brand; we consider ourselves an integrative brand because we integrate beauty and wellness together.  Wellness is about taking care of yourself, finding ways to be more relaxed and be whole.  As part of that process we believe that our external environment plays just as important a role in our well-being as our internal environment. It is hard to live in physical chaos, pollution and toxicity. When there is balance and calm around us, we can live a much better life and it allows our true beauty to come forward.

Balance Rocks

Nature is one part of life that helps us to really feel relaxed and sane, so we believe in preserving the very best that nature has to offer. Every product that we make and in every facet of our business operations, we make every effort to practice sustainability and eco-friendliness. We do this to preserve our water supply, plant life and wildlife which are our most natural forms of relaxation. Preserving our water supply also includes preservation of ground water sources, rivers, streams, creeks and oceans.  In fact, preserving other local water bodies are key to ocean preservation since they all ultimately flow towards the sea. We are inspired by the ocean each and every day.  We are moved by its beauty, its sound, the sense of calm that it brings and the plethora of life that sits in its depths.  Since we love the ocean so much, we aspire to keep it clean and leave it exactly the way we saw it.


We accomplish our goal of preserving nature by using only eco-friendly and zero-waste packaging options. Our products are sold in refillable glass bottles with bamboo components that are 100% recyclable. We also use plantable seed paper boxes for our packaging. Plantable seed paper is a type of paper made from recycled fabrics and/or recycled paper with seeds embedded for planting.  The paper is a zero-waste product that not only breaks down in the earth but produces wildflowers when planted. We use a non-invasive wildflower mix that helps endangered monarch butterfly and bee populations thrive. All of our soaps come wrapped in a specialty handmade paper, comprised of recycled cotton and sustainable abaca fiber.   

Did you know that approximately 14 billion pounds of trash end up in oceans every year?

We think that needs to change and we are doing our part to be responsible patrons of the ocean. We make every effort to minimize or eliminate plastic waste in our packaging so that our water sources can remain pristine and full of life. 

When using our products, we ask that you consider planting our boxes, recycle all other non-plantable components and consider creatively re-using your packaging.